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Beneficial Effects of Floatation Tank Therapy

  •     Reduces daily stress including stress related pain & illness                              

  •     Shortens healing and recovery time from physical activity and injury

  •     Reduces anxiety, PTSD recovery and healing traumatic brain injury      

  •     A perfect environment  for managing back pain throughout pregnancy

  •     Helps aide in elimination of addictive behavior, including weight loss

  •     Establishes an ideal environment for meditation & lucid dreaming

  •     Improves higher learning and aids in visualization

  •     Relieves pain from illness and injury

  •     Boosts harmonious brain patterns

  •     Improves the creativity process

  •     Speeds up recovery from Jet lag and exhaustion

  •     Lowers blood pressure, and cortisol level

  •     Creates hemispheric and whole brain integration   

  •     Improves athletic performance

  •     Cleanses the body of harmful toxins

  •     Increases endorphin levels that can last up to a week    

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