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First Time Floater Deal


3 Float package

While supplies last

3  floats $65 each

1  go float yourself t-shirt

no expiration date


Although many people find their first float overwhelming relaxing, there are those of us including myself that naturally resist unfamiliar environments. During my first float not only could I not let myself relax I also found that instead of releasing my sore muscles I was tensing them up. If I would have based Float therapy solely on my first session never giving it another shot I would have missed out on all the extraordinary benefits I have now received from floating. After my first float I went online and did extensive research. I wanted to know why this therapy that works so great for so many other people just didn't have the same effect on me. I found that I wasn't alone, their were others out there just like me that also had trouble releasing control finding it difficult to let go during their float. I myself have always found that I have to be in full control of my situation so setting my mind and body free in float was not something I had completely prepared for. I had read that in cases such as mine it can take up to 3 floats to really let yourself go, and when you do its amazing like nothing you can image. I have to admit I was skeptical about this, but I had tried everything else. During my second float I zeroed in on myself I soon realized were I was tensing up and I just let go. Without that second float I would have never realized what float therapy is really capable of.  Although many people coming into float for the first time will have no issues with freeing their mind and bodies, Pacific Coast Float would still like to extend the same discount to all first time floaters. By purchasing the 3 float package you will receive not only a discount but the benefit of not missing out on this amazing, relaxing, wellness therapy. 

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