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Heather Bock is the owner of Pacific Coast Float located within Young Wellness Center Of Natural Healing. Her interest in float began after some extensive research to help aid in her long time body aches and migraines. She had never heard of Sensory deprivation or float therapy but after reading so many testimonies of others she couldn't ignore the benefits that sensory deprivation could provide. The idea of this sort of healing process seem unusual to her yet she knew she had to give it a try. After years of countless medications and feeling completely hopeless with so many doctors unable to help her she was skeptical but non the less hopeful of float. To Heathers surprise not only did the weightless of the salt water help ease the ongoing pain through out her body but also left her with a sense of peace. Her mind was more clear then it had ever been. She could focus her thought and felt herself able to melt away any aggression that had been bottled up. Heather knew this was something fantastic and was eager to share what she had experienced with others. So when Heathers sister Rachel Young a licensed massage therapist expressed a dream of opening up her own center for natural healing, Heather knew this could be a great opportunity to bring the miraculous healing of float deprivation to the coast of Oregon. Through much research and planning they were both so excited to finally make it a reality. Young Wellness is not only the home of Pacific Coast Float but so many other natural healing treatments. As the Wellness was remodeled the ideas continued to grow to eight beautiful treatment rooms. Along side the first Float on the Oregon coast, Young Wellness offers the service of a beautiful infrared sauna room, serval certified professional massage therapist, a hypnotherapist specializing in mood disorders, weight gain, smoking and past life's, and a very skilled acupuncturist.  

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